Security Camera Experts in California and Beyond

Since our start in 2008, our experience and expertise make Sherlock Surveillance a premier installer of security camera and surveillance systems in Calfornia for both residential homes and businesses. Sherlock Surveillance has done more than 1000 installations of security camera systems in the San Francisco Bay area including San Francisco, San Jose, and the East Bay.  We also work with clients outside the Bay Area and have installed surveillance systems in other locations like Los Angles, Las Vegas, Boston, and Washington DC.  We have even installed cameras for an Eco-Resort on the Beach in Mexico.

We combine expertise in computer networking with extreme attention to detail so that the cameras, DVR’s and cabling look good and perform every time. Sherlock Surveillance security camera systems allow you to have a real-time view of your business or home from anywhere you have internet access – your phone or computer.


Sherlock Surveillance in the News, NBC Interview with Ilan Jacob, founder of Sherlock Surveillance


Protect Your Business with Advanced Security Technology

Sherlock Surveillance is an expert in protecting retail and commercial businesses. For instance, we provide security camera systems for all of the popular Philz’s Coffee stores.  We have installed systems for other companies like Costco, Stanford Hospital, Tesla, Westfield Mall, Santana Row, Stanford Mall and many other businesses.

We use advanced technologies like:

  • Secure wireless camera networks for multi-building installations such as HOA’s, apartment complexes, office parks and malls. 
  • We offer license plate capturing cameras and recognition even in low-light moving vehicle situations providing your customer’s with a safer parking lot environment.
  • Point of Sale (POS) Surveillance Systems – take security to the next level by combining real-time text overlay, analytics, and multiple cameras to give you the latest in cashier monitoring and fraud prevention.

Let us help you protect your business.

Call us today for a Free No Obligation Estimate or fill out our online request form.

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