Sherlock Surveillance Helps to Capture Criminal

On Sunday, April 26, 2015, at about 2:10 p.m., an unknown suspect groped the buttocks of the 12-year-old victim as she shopped with her mother at Sigona’s Farmers Market at the Stanford Shopping Center, located at 180 El Camino Real. The victim told her mother what had happened immediately, but the suspect disappeared and could not be found.

Reviewing the video footage from the cameras that had been installed by Sherlock Surveillance, the police were able to get a clear quality image of the suspect shown here in this image posted on Facebook.picture on Palo Alto Facebook page of image of one of our camerasThe response was overwhelming by the community as this image was shared. On Facebook alone, the post was shared more than 10,000 times, and the suspect’s image reached the timelines of more than 870,000 users. It was also shown on television, print and radio to reach even further.

By the morning of Tuesday, April 28, the detectives were able to identify the suspect as a result of tips called in by people who had recognized him either from social media and/or news coverage. Even before they were able to arrest him, the suspect turned himself in due to all the coverage in the media.

Alan, the Loss Prevention Manger for Sigona’s Farmers Market, credits Sherlock Surveillance for the capture of this pedophile. The quality of the camera image made catching this person much easier.

“My name is Alan and I am the Loss Prevention Manager for Sigona’s Farmers Market. I would like to start off by saying how I and my company are very, very happy with Sherlock Surveillance. These guys have the best cameras I have ever seen and that you’ll ever find, guaranteed. To prove my point, check out this news article about a pedophile who was easily identified and caught thanks to the awesome cameras Sherlock provides:

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