We have been installing surveillance systems for the past seven years and have done many commercial and residential installations.

Here are a few of the projects that stand out for us:

Playa Viva in Mexico

The most challenging and exciting project we have done so far was to install a surveillance system for an eco-resort on the beach in Mexico called Playa Viva that is completely off the grid and connects to the internet through a satellite link.   With our expertise in connecting video surveillance securely to the internet, we were able to create a system that met the needs of the owners.     The Playa Viva owners love the fact that they can now view their beachfront property on their iPhones in San Mateo, California whenever they need to.

An Antioch Residential Home

One of the most dangerous projects we have done was working on a system in Antioch, California the day after there had been a shooting on the property. We drove up in our van and parked in front of a window with three bullet holes and worked to install the system while the police and two reporters were busy asking neighbors questions.    We quickly set up the system and had the property covered by that evening.

If you have an urgent need to protect your home or business, we will be there for you with the right coverage done quickly.

A Las Vegas Motel – using the right technology

The challenge on this project is that the hotel had already had a system installed by another company but quickly had all the cameras vandalized, the cables cut and the DVR stolen.    The first installer didn’t recognize the unique needs of this property.   We came in and saw that this project required the right technology which included vandal proof night vision cameras with all the cables encased in metal conduit (pipes) going to a security cabinet.

We are happy to say that when we went back a year later, the entire system was still working with no missing cameras or DVR’s.   We work with our clients closely to understand their special needs to install the right equipment for the project.

Old Ten-Story Building in Downtown San Jose

Another challenging project involved one of the first office buildings in Downtown San Jose.    Covering the ten-story building proved difficult because of the complexity of running cables in older buildings that were not built for modern technology and because it involved working within asbestos covered shafts.   We are happy to say that Sherlock Surveillance was able to complete this 16-camera installation in five days with no incidents or delays.